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   "Harmony" Festival - 2017  
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The 11th edition of the international choir festival „Harmonia 2017“ took place on 02-04 June in the hall of „Druzhba 1870“ Culture House in Harmanli and 8 choirs took part in it.

On 02 June first on the festival stage, as is the tradition, were the hosts – Mixed choir „Slavei“ – Harmanli with conductor Mladen Stanev, pianist Galina Terzieva and choirmaster Zhermina Mihova. After them Chamber formation „Orfeus Plus“ („St. Climent Ohridski“ Culture House - Haskovo) with conductor Elena Tzvetkova, showed their art, followed by Common choir Dimitrovgrad with conductor Krassimir Chanov and the guests from Romania - the Choir of the Culture association „PlaiIntorsurean“ from Intorsura Buzaului in the heart of the Carpathian mountains, with conductor Tatiana Teaca, who performed mostly compositions of Romanian composers and were greeted with applause from the audience.

On the second day the stage was taken by Choir school „Prof. Georgi Dimitrov“ – Yambol, Sofia formation, with conductor Vesela Pastarmadzhieva, Chamber ensemble of the ancient temple „St. Nikolai Mirlikiyski“ - Sofia, with conductor Presbyter Maria Ruseva, Choir of the Varna teachers „Ars Musica“ - Varna with conductor Veselina Marinova and pianist Boyan Bachvarov, Ladies chamber choir „Irina Shtiglich“ - Sofia, with conductor Marina Koleva and pianist Yourdanka Nedkova. In the end the audience was enchanted by the wonderful performance of „Soprani“ trio – Prolet Pencheva, Neli Necheva and Maria Koleva from the State Opera - Stara Zagora.

On the last day of the festival during the Mass in „St. Ivan Rilski“ church, Harmanli Ladies choir „Irina Shtiglich“ - Sofia and Choir „PlaiIntorsurean“ from Romania took part with sacred music. With that „Harmonia 2017“ finished.

Open ceremony

Choir Nightingale – Harmanli, Bulgaria, cond. Mladen Stanev

Chamber formation Orpheus Plus – Haskovo, Bulgaria, cond. Elena Tzvetkova

Municipal Choir – Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria, cond. Krassimir Chanov

Choir of Cultural Association PlaiIntorsurean - Intorsura Buzaului, Romania, cond. Tatiana Teaca

Choir School Prof. Georgi Dimitrov- Yambol, formation Sofia, cond. Vesela Pastarmadjieva

Chamber Ensemble at St. Nikolay Mirlikiyski Church – Sofia, cond. The Presbyter Maria Ruseva

Choir of the Varna Teachers Ars Music - Varna, Bulgaria, cond. Veselina Marinova

Irina Stiglich Female Choir – Sofia, cond. Marina Koleva

Soprani Trio from State Opera - Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

Irina Stiglich Female Choir in St. Ivan Rilski Church – Harmanli

Choir ‘PlaiIntorsurean’ - Romania in St. Ivan Rilski Church – Harmanli

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