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   "Harmony" Festival - 2015  
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The 9th International Choir Festival „Harmony“ took place on the 5 - 6 of June 2015 in the Culture House „Druzhba 1870“ - Harmanli. On the first day the mayor of the town opened the festival together with the conductors and the choir managers. The hosts of the festival – choir „Nightingale“, performed opera and operetta fragments under the direction of conductor Stelia Georgieva, accompanist Galina Terzieva and choir master Zhermina Mihova. After that was the magnificent performance of chamber choir „St. George“ – Tervel, Bulgaria, conductor Zhivko Kolev. Their repertoire included sacred and folk songs of Russian and Bulgarian authors. The program of the first day was closed by the excellent performance of Bulgarian songs by women choir „Hristina Morfova“ – Sofia, Bulgaria, conductor Tanya Nikleva-Vladeva and vocal pedagogue and soloist Georgi Petkov.

On the 6 of June the program started with women choir „Anhialo“ - Pomorie, Bulgaria, conductor Aleksander Perperiev - Bulgarian folk songs. They were followed by the performance of chamber choir „Gusla“ – Yambol, Bulgaria, conductor Vasil Sheitanov (sacred and modern music) and mixed choir „Maestro Atanassov“ – Karlovo, Bulgaria, conductor Teodor Dobroykov (folk and modern music). The program was closed with the brilliant performance of choir „Frankoslav“ – Toulouse, France, conductor Marie-Susane Debrouille. Their repertoire included various songs – Ukrainian and Russian folk songs and romances, Serbian and Dalmatian songs, French classic, chansons and the Bulgarian songs „Mesechinko lyo“ and „Polegnala e Todora“, which caused standing ovations.

On the next day choir „Hristina Morfova“ - Sofia, Bulgaria, chamber choir „Gusla“ - Yambol, Bulgaria and choir „Frankoslav“ - Toulouse, France took part in the Sunday Mass of the „St. Ivan Rilski“ church in Harmanli.

In the 9th edition of „Harmony“ festival took part 7 choirs with 170 singers.

Opening of the festival

Choir „Nightingale“ – Harmanli, Bulgaria, cond. Stelia Georgieva

Chamber choir „St.George“ – Tervel, Bulgaria, cond. Zhivko Kolev

Women choir „Hristina Morfova“ – Sofia, Bulgaria, cond. Tanya Nickleva-Vladeva

Choir „Maestro Atanassov“ – Karlovo , Bulgaria, cond. Teodor Dobroykov

Chamber choir „Gusla“ – Yambol, Bulgaria, cond. Vasil Sheitanov

Women choir „Anhialo“ – Pomorie, Bulgaria, cond. Alexander Perperiev

Choir „Frankoslav“ – Toulouse, France, cond. Marie-Susane Debrouille

Choir „Hristina Morfova“ in the church „St. Ivan Rilski“ - Harmanli
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