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   "Harmony" Festival - 2013  
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The 7th edition of the international choiral festival „Harmony” took place on May 30,31 and June 1. For the second time it is a part of the European project „Harmanli in songs and colors”. Academician Krum Georgiev was a special guest. The performances of one of the best Bulgarian choirs - chamber choir „Ivan Spassov” - Plovdiv, mixed choir „Rodna pessen” - Bourgas, the choir of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences - Sofia, mixed choir „Nikolai Gyaurov” - Velingrad were memorable. The best young Bulgarian choir conductors were presented - Gergana Lyutskanova-Petrova (Plovdiv), Maria Valchanova-Lyubenova (Sofia), Levon Manukian (Bourgas), Momchil Tomov (Vratsa). One of the best conductors of Ireland was also presented - Stewart O’Sullivan from the Choir Union of Limerick.
The audience was very excited about the performance of the Musical Тheater „Uzorochye” - Ryazan, Russia directed by Nadejda Koltsova, who presenten authentic Russian folklore.
At the 7th edition of „Harmony” the festival had it’s first jubilees - after Italy, Poland, Greece, Russia, Israel, France, USA, Bulgaria and Spain, Ireland is the 10th country which takes part in the festival. And on the second day, with choir „Rodna pessen” - Bourgas, comes the 1000th choir member who took part in the festival.

Choral Association of the city of Limerick, Ireland. Conductor Stuart O’Sullivan

Choir “Nikolai Gyaurov“ - Velingrad, Bulgaria. Conductor Momchil Tomov

Chamber Choir “Ivan Spassov“ - Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Conductor Gergana Lyutskanova

Chamber Choir Academy of Sciences - Sofia, Bulgaria. Conductor Maria Valchanova

Choir “Rodna pessen“ - Bourgas, Bulgaria. Conductor Levon Manukyan

Musical theater “Uzorochye“ - Ryazan, Russia. Director Nadezda Koltsova

Choir “Nightingale“ - Harmanli, Bulgaria. Conductor Stelia Georgieva

Choir of Limerick, Ireland on the open stage in city park Harmanli

Ensemble ”Uzorochie” - The evening of Russian songs bar “Kristal”
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