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   "Harmony" Festival - 2011  
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The fifth international choir festival “Harmony 2011” was held on 2 and 3 June 2011 with the participation of choir “Nightingale”, choir “The sound of Kirie” - Haifa, Israel, choir “Belfersingers” – Gorlice, Poland on the 2 June and choir “Sevtopolis” - Kazanlak, choir “St. Paraskeva” - Sofia and choir “Cantifolia” – Grasse, France. Trio “The Tenors” were special guest performers in the festival. They sang famous Italian, Russian and Bulgarian songs and received loud clapping and standing ovations from the audience.

Choir „Belfersingers“ - Gorlice, Poland, cond. Tadeusz Micrut

Academic choir „St. Paraskeva“- Sofia, Bulgaria, cond. Galina Lukanova

Choir „Sevtopolis“ - Kazanlak, Bulgaria, cond. Dora Kosheva

Choir „The sound of Kirie“ - Hajfa, Izrael, cond. Malka Schwartz

Choir „Cantifolia“ - Grasse, France, cond. Jacques Maes

Choir „Nightingale“ - Harmanli, Bulgaria, cond. Stelia Georgieva

Guests of the festival “The Tenors“ trio, Bulgaria

Festival choir “Harmony“, cond. Stelia Georgieva

Choir “Belfersingers“ the church “St. Ivan Rilski“ in Harmanli

Choir „Cantifolia“ - Grasse, France, cond. Jacques Maes
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